In Lost Ark, players will be able to carry out various adventures. In the process, they will upgrade their class and learn various abilities. Lost Ark has five different classes, each with three different subclasses. If the player wants to know whether the class can be changed in the game, then the answer is no.

Once the player selects the player's class and the player's subclass, the player will be locked in that character. Although this sounds rough, players can start a new subclass by starting a new character, and in some cases players can use Powerpass to speed up the process. Please find more details about Lost Ark from

The player can actually change all the player's abilities and the position of the player's skill points at any time. Therefore, the player can almost endlessly try the player's class and set up multiple skill trees that can be quickly switched. Players can set up characters with different constructions according to what they want to do in the game.

Players can set the skill page, and then switch to huge single target damage at any time. Therefore, although the player can't actually change the subclass of the character, it is pretty standard for this type of game. Lost Ark respects players' time very much and gives them as much freedom as possible when playing construction. Please follow MMOWTS for the latest news about Lost Ark.