A video posted on Reddit and other social media appears to show a rider fleeing the scene on an electric motorcycle after allegedly causing an accident that left a mountain biker seriously injured.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The video was taken in San Clemente this weekend. The video does not show the crash itself, but a man believed to be the victim has posted on social media that he was hit at 50mph by an electric motorcycle rider heading in the opposite direction. The video shows the victim lying on the floor surrounded by fellow riders while the other rider checks his bike over before riding away, leaving the victim on the ground. The injured rider later confirmed his jaw was broken in two places and, after surgery, he will have to have his jaw wired for 6 weeks.
It’s worth noting that the alleged perpetrator’s bike appears to be a Sur Ron “restricted use electric motorcycle” and not a pedal-assisted, speed limited eMTB. These bikes have far more power, no pedals, and are capable of much higher speeds than a trail legal eMTB. These kinds of bikes aren’t legal to use on most mountain bike trail networks and have to be licensed and insured to be used on the road in many countries.

The rider said, “I was hit head on at the mtb trails from an electric motorcycle going 50mph . I have a broken jaw in 2 places, just got out of surgery, and have my jaw wired for 6 weeks. This is basically quiet motorcycle and not a pedal assist ebike and does not belong on the mtb trails and this is why! You also watch the rest of the how the incident was handled. This a big life change for for my last days of work before my Xmas vacation. Thank you to all my friends, family, and to the best dudes around the dog park mtb crew for listening and allowing me to vent and tell my story.