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The new Gypsum items and crafting system augments the existing Watermark system and takes some of the random luck out of raising your gear Expertise. It’s still a grind, but it’s one under your control now.Once you’ve found it, interact with the Gypsum Kiln the same as any other crafting station. You’re guaranteed enough Gypsum to create at least one Gypsum Cast each day. If you’re grinding toward that level 600 Gear Score, it’s probably a good idea to set your fast travel home in or near one of these to save on Azoth expenditures.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary number of Gypsum pieces, head to one of the crafting stations, and you can turn them into Gypsum Orbs. Gypsum Orbs are used to make Gypsum Casts, and you’ll need quite a few of them if you want max-level gear. Each weapon and armor type has its own Gypsum Cast, and using one guarantees you’ll get a drop that bumps your Expertise level (which is essentially the High Watermark system).

While you can only craft one Cast each day, you’re free to make as many Gypsum Orbs as you want.

Gypsum is taking the place of random gear drops that boost your Watermark. You’ll still have a chance of getting these rare drops, but they’re significantly less likely now.The best way to farm Gypsum in New World is combining your hunt for Citrine and Obsidian Gypsum, as Arenas tend to have plenty of named Elite enemies. If you’ve got a spare Topaz potion on hand, go ahead and down that too, though farming the enemies necessary to get 10 Topaz Gypsum takes rather too long.

If you’re not quite at level 60 yet in New World, we’ve got some easy ways to level up fast so you can start farming Gypsum. It’s not the only endgame activity, though. There are Legendary weapons to find as well, and plenty of new builds to experiment with.