Feeling festive in WoW Classic? No, not so much? Can’t imagine why. The important thing is that whatever your preferred flavor of the game’s classic experience may be, whether the original WoW Classic or the slightly newer The Burning Crusade version, the Winter Veil celebration is live in both right now for players to enjoy the holiday celebration. The most modern version of World of Warcraft will have to wait until tomorrow, but WoW Classic literally gets to have Christmas early this year.To get more news about buy wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Of course, these are familiar events for anyone who played the game in the past, so thankfully guides are already available for earning all the rewards available in-game including red and green holiday caps. Check out the guides if you’re interested in making the most of your time and getting everything celebratory within the game; everyone in the retail version can be envious of your festive decorations for at least a day.
My dad was an alcoholic – he divorced my mum and died when I was quite young. That made going home for Christmas a bit hard for me, so I moved out when I was 16,” says 27-year-old Stefan Szalk from Wigan.

“My friends [online] were there for me – messaging me on Christmas Eve, making sure I was OK and asking what my plans for Christmas Day were because they knew I was going to be alone.

“When I logged in on Christmas Day, lo and behold, there were about six of my friends online and they all wished me a happy Christmas, and stayed online to make sure I was OK.

“When I was struggling, I was depressed and if I wasn’t playing World of Warcraft, I’d probably have found some way to drink.

“It’s like a second life. You can escape from the real world and live in Azeroth. You don’t need to worry about what’s going on in the real world, you can just play and do whatever you want.

“A lot of the things that you get from a generic Christmas, you can get from playing the game.

“They always have festive characters around, you can still open a present in the morning under a tree, you see people wearing Christmas outfits everywhere.