Just in time for Mother’s Day, RockLove Jewelry have announced a new themed jewelry collection paying homage to the women of Star Trek.To get more news about custom jewelry designers, you can visit jewelryhunt.net official website.

Following on from previous jewelry collections that included delta-shaped rings, necklaces with Vulcan calligraphy, and even a screen-accurate replica of Dahj and Soji’s necklaces from Star Trek: Picard, the new collection focuses on three earring designs inspired by Star Trek’s Uhura, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Guinan, and Kira Nerys, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

First up, we’ve got Uhura’s spiral earrings in gold-plated sterling silver, with long symmetrical coils secured with lever-back ear wires. Guinan’s turquoise earrings are danglers, too, with broad, silver hammered disks behind triplets of yellow gold tubes and strands of turquoise nuggets. Kira’s earring is one you’ll know well, not a pair, but a single stud and cuff, connected by a chain, a screen-accurate replica of the Major’s Bajoran earring.
RockLove’s CEO and Designer Allison Cimino said of the pieces, “Star Trek’s female characters portrayed positions of military and academic power; inspiring young girls across generations to pursue science, mathematics, computer science and space exploration. Women were represented as ambassadors and equals, with chief officers routinely relying on their sage advice and perspectives. While there are many more strong Women of Star Trek, I had to start this collection somewhere, and what better way than by replicating three iconic earrings of three female characters that empowered us all to reach beyond the stars!”
It looks like an ordinary bracelet, but it proved to be priceless to the woman wearing it when she was involved in a very bad crash.Jenelle Valdina is recovering from a serious leg injury after a frightening crash last week on the Lowell Connector.

After spinning out, her car slammed into a guard rail on the highway as she was on her way to work. “My car hydroplaned on a patch of ice,” Valdina said.“I was kind of just praying to God to not die,” she said.

Valdina’s phone was nowhere to be found, and other motorists who stopped to help could not reach 911 due to the weak cellphone signal in the area.I looked down and amazingly, somehow, the invisaWear charm that my aunt got me, was on the ground with me outside the car,” Valdina said.

The piece of jewelry is actually a panic button.

The invisaWear charm sends out an emergency alert to your designated contacts with your exact location. It also can help you or your contacts connect to the nearest 911 dispatcher.Emergency crews arrived in minutes, and Valdina’s father headed straight for her location.Riaja Abdelaziz is the co-founder of invisaWear, based in Lowell. The company launched two years ago.

“I don’t really think words can describe the feeling, we’re over the top about this product, you’ve poured your heart into, has really helped somebody,” Abdelaziz said. “I was just so happy that we were able to make an impact.”