In World of Warcraft Classic, some minor imbalances will not cause any major problems, because PvP mainly exists in the open world, there will be dozens of players fighting each other, it will be more chaotic. A trivial small advantage in the team will not give you a clear battle advantage against a larger or more coordinated team.

Before the release of Burning Crusade Classic in June, the number of Horde and Alliance players on Classic PvP servers was almost the same, with only 53% of players joining Horde's team.

But Burning Crusade Classic completely broke this balance. PvP Arenas is one of the biggest features of this expansion pack. Two to three players form a team to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold conduct small-scale duels. Small differences in skills and abilities will also have a huge impact on the battle.

Suddenly, WoW's PvP changed from large-scale outdoor battles to more intense and compact small-scale duels, making those competitive players want to grasp every advantage in the battle, and race ability is one of the most important factors. Therefore, Horde has become a mainstream choice in World of Warcraft's PvP.

With the launch of Burning Crusade Classic, Horde will account for approximately 61% of all players on the NA server. If you only look at a single server, this proportion TBC Classic Gold of people will become very scary. Although there will be a small number of server Alliance players occupying the majority, Horde is still the mainstream of most PvP servers. Among them, Kirtonos and Skeram are said to be 100% Horde. As a result, players will think that in order to win the final victory, you must first win the faction war, but this is an endless nightmare for all players.

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