It's the season to watch horror movies, but it's not enough to be afraid when you have time, you know? For a complete movie experience, some of us want to flinch in fear and laugh back and forth. Therefore, entering Hollywood provides a better film type: horror comedy movie news.

Let's face it - although horror movies are interesting, they can also be quite absurd. When a horror film describes demon possession or zombie attack very, very seriously, it will feel a little hypocritical. So why not laugh off the metaphor of horror movies? Why not make fun of zombie skulls, just like the classic zombie paradise in 2009? Why not satirize white liberalism and build a cabin in the forest, escape by á La Jordan Peele?

This is my personal favorite Halloween movie. Laughter makes everything more interesting! If you agree, you are lucky because the decision website lists information about five horror comedy movie news that you can watch during Halloween in 2021. Scroll through the list of horror comedy movie news below. If you still want more ghost moments, please feel free to view more Halloween content and decide to provide it.

Cabin in the forest (2012)

Have you ever seen a horror film and clearly felt that it was written by two lazy and sadistic white men? Director drew Goddard gave those white men a face in his excellent horror comedy the cabin in the woods. We can simply say that American College Students Dana (Kristen Connolly), Holden (Jesse Williams), Marty (Fran Kranz), Jules (Anna Hutchison) and curt (Chris Hemsworth) inadvertently participated in the scene of a horror film, which will make you laugh and scream at all the horror metaphors you know and love.

Are you ready (2019)

Starring Samara weave, not Margot Robbie, let's say it now. As a new bride, this horror comedy takes the embarrassing "meet father-in-law and mother-in-law" dinner to a new level. Grace (Vivian) has just married her dream lover Alex (Mark O'Brien). Grace likes Alex because he is such a person, and it happens that he is a very rich man. Grace is happy to follow the groom's family tradition and let the couple play a friendly game on their wedding night until the game becomes a deadly version of hide and seek.

《Happy Death Day》(2017)

Bloomhouse productions is famous for its interesting and low-cost horror films. In this regard, no bloomhouse film is more successful than happy death day. Jessica rose plays a college student who was murdered on her birthday, but woke up and started her birthday again. Happy death day adopts the concept of time cycle in groundhog day and adds some elements of grizzly bear slaughter to the film. It is a smart and interesting black comedy. Be sure to see the sequel happy death day 2U.

"Scream" (1996)

Do you like laughing at horror movies? Because scream teased them before it became cool - and immersed in these rhetoric. In this black comedy, director Wes Craven deconstructs the horror theme by satirizing his often used clich é s. The film tells the story of a serial killer wearing cheap Halloween costumes intimidating a group of high school students. With the iconic cast of the 1990s - including David Arquette, Jennifer Campbell, Courtney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Ross McGovern, Skeeter Ulrich and Drew Barrymore - it is a horror comedy suitable for this era.

"Game night" (2018)

This really funny comedy - "the showman" was named the best film of 2018 - is based on the metaphor of horror films. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams play a couple whose weekly game night turns into a real murder thriller fighting for your life when their friend is kidnapped. It's high-risk, funny, hilarious humor. In addition, Jesse premons plays the strange neighbor in the film, which is probably the best role he has played so far.