Mist Sprayer Pumps Manufacturers' sprayer components-

1. Dust cap: usually made of PP plastic, usually produced as transparent, the dust cap is used as a dust cover and safety helmet to prevent the accumulation of dust on the actuator and prevent accidental startup. In order to make your product stand out, it can be customized into different colors.

2. Actuator: It is not exactly the same as the one on the lotion pump. The internal components here are different from the actuator on the lotion pump. The actuator of the fine mist sprayer has internal components, including an insert to create a specific atomization pattern of the product being sprayed. Some fine mist sprayers are specifically designed to prevent accidental dispensing.

3. Insertion: This tiny component consists of channels through which liquid flows to form a mist-like pattern.

4. Close: This fixes the entire assembly on the bottle. Usually made of PP plastic and available in various designs, the component must have an industrial neck finish.

5. Gasket: According to different products, different gasket materials are required. It is a key component that must be tested to ensure compatibility.

6. Dip tube: This is a slender plastic tube that extends the range of the sprayer to the bottom of the bottle. The dip tube of the sprayer is slightly curved at the bottom than in the lotion pump.

The question now is how all these can be combined to produce a fine mist spray from the liquid stream.

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