According to the US "Science News" report, ordinary filter cigarettes made of cellulose acetate are not safe. It is pointed out in literature that filters containing granular activated carbon for cigarettes can absorb acetaldehyde, acetonitrile, and isoforms in cigarette smoke. With the deepening of coke reduction and harm reduction, granular activated carbon composite filter rods are more and more widely used.
Granular activated carbon is widely used in low-tar, high-safety cigarettes due to its special physical and chemical properties, high adsorption properties brought about by a huge specific surface, and good processability.
There have been extensive and in-depth studies on the adsorption of harmful components in cigarette smoke with granular activated carbon for cigarettes. It is believed that adding 1% to 15% of the cigarette weight of granular activated carbon for cigarettes to filter material carbon has a huge potential market, and the prospect is quite optimistic.
The performance indicators of granular activated carbon for cigarettes selected in the standard are: Granular activated carbon for cigarettes is used in filter rods, and the main consideration is its adaptability during processing, quality stability, and smoking quality of cigarettes. Based on various reasons, the determination of coal-based columnar activated carbon indicators has a great impact on the processability and intrinsic quality of cigarettes using composite nozzles and cigarettes. The harm to health is relatively obvious, and it can improve the smoking of cigarettes. The suction quality has a better effect.