I've been camping in the area of metal dragons searching for Buy RS Gold clue scrolls, as along with effigies and court summons (i would suggest Vissy and effigies, but I don't wish to make it sound like a joke). I have been meleeing mostly but also using mage once i've accumulated enough blood runes that drop from.

I don't have tons of cash (like 600k cashpile at the ATM, thats why I am at the metal dragons). How can I improve my set-up to make it more efficient/whatever. This is in the brimhaven dungeon, not a resource dungeon. Stats: 93 att, 86 str, 80 def, 89 hp, 80 range, 87 mage, 71 pray, 62 summoning.

Hey all, I've started up RS for the first time and have a few questions about things i've noticed. Capes with skills, everybody has one these days Why is that? The majority of people didn't have these capes, and now I'm finding a lot for low-level players. Not just the inexpensive ones , but others like cooking/firemaking as well.

Combat levels are increasing, is it just me or is everyone higher these days? It used to be it was rare to find someone between 110-126 players, but now I only see red. Could it be because of the dungeoneering talent? Additionally, before I quit, one of my favourite ways to get cash quickly was to purchase adamant bars at avansies. Do you think this is still a good way to earn money? Are there other options?

The best way to get started is to start questing - much like with the majority of RS 3 Gold skills. Simple tasks like The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Holy Grail, and Recruitment Drive are available to guide you through the fundamentals of Prayer proficiency. Once you have completed this you'll need to use bones as a source of food to get higher degrees of Praying.