With the increasing demand for the use of 4g car gps tracker, there are more and more products. Some products also advertise that they can be located in closed places with poor signals such as underground parking lots or indoors. Can the 4g car gps tracker be located in a closed place? I will discuss this issue with you today.

In fact, whether the car can locate in some places with poor signals mainly depends on the positioning module and communication module of the GPS terminal, because all the transmission of position information is the communication signal of these two modules, just like a person carrying a mobile phone into the underground. After the third floor, the mobile phone cannot be connected. Everyone knows that common indoor positioning technologies include radio frequency identification technology, infrared technology, ultra-wideband technology, Bluetooth technology, wireless local area network and so on. However, there are four main positioning methods for car positioning equipment: GPS positioning, WiFi positioning, base station positioning, and Beidou positioning. There are relatively few manufacturers that will use RFID positioning technology, IP positioning, Bluetooth positioning and so on.

GPS positioning is the most used function of car positioning equipment, and basically every locator has this function, but the disadvantage of GPS is that it is not a professional indoor, underground parking lot, high bridge, high-rise positioning equipment, and everyone in the industry You know, when 4g car gps tracker is used, it should be in an open place outdoors, so that it can receive GPS satellite signals better, and indoor expectations should not be too high.

Beidou positioning: The principle of Beidou positioning is the same as GPS, except that the accuracy is worse. GPS cannot be used indoors, and Beidou is even worse.

RFID positioning: This is one of the common indoor positioning technologies, but it is a pity that most of the car locators are used to remotely open and close the doors, windows and anti-theft. They are not really used for positioning.

Base station positioning: When the car enters an area where there is no GPS signal, there is usually another auxiliary positioning method-base station positioning, which is one of the reasons why many products are boasted of indoor positioning. Base station positioning can indeed be used indoors, but do you know? The positioning error of the base station is much larger than the GPS positioning error, usually between tens to hundreds of meters, sometimes larger, even more than 1000 meters. Just imagine, it is difficult to find a car within a few hundred meters, especially in the underground. parking lot. In addition, we know that the accuracy of base station positioning depends on the base station, just like our mobile phone. However, if the service range is exceeded or the number of base stations where the vehicle is located is insufficient, LBS positioning cannot be performed. In many cases in underground parking lots, we Most mobile phones have very few signals, so it is conceivable that the base station positioning is also not very good.