2017's action film is simply an enjoyment. Known as the year of action, 2017 certainly did not disappoint people. The mass production of valuable gemstones will certainly be remembered as the top. In this year, we saw two highly anticipated sequels in the popular series and stood out among similar films. A list completed in one day. The following are the most popular action movie reviews in 2017. Happy reading! The movie reviews list includes action romance films, action thrillers and action adventure films.

Ace agent: Golden Circle

The first ace spy movie was a surprise. The precise Colin Firth and the energetic Taron Egerton are the protagonists of the film. The highly stylized and fashionable background and narrative have won high praise, making it worth seeing. The second film tells the real existence of Harry hunt and the story of the ace agent's alliance with a similar secret agency in the United States. The world is in chaos, a new evil figure rises, and the "allies" stand between civilization and complete and complete barbarism. The sequel attempts to emulate its successful predecessors and adds some exciting new characters, such as Tatum and Moore. The familiar setting is a warm reservation, but its predictive and cyclical storyline is disappointing.

Bleeding steel

Without Jackie Chan, the action list seems incomplete. An agent, Lin Dong, was called to protect an important witness when he was preparing to visit his precarious daughter. Witness Dr. James injected himself with a mechanical heart, and Lin successfully protected him. 13 years later, some unsolved mysteries still exist, and a dangerous student is looking for answers. Jackie Chan's toughness and reliability have brought pleasant jokes and wonderful film moments to the audience, but it is not enough to save a poor film that does not make full use of its exciting premise.

Made in America

Barry seal, a pilot of TWA, is secretly smuggling cigars to the United States. The CIA tracked and forced him to use small aircraft with cameras to carry out secret reconnaissance missions for them over Central America. With the consolidation of his position in his work, his instinctive capitalist tendency began to play a role. Finally, he reached a deal with the newborn medelin cartel to smuggle drugs into the United States. The progress of the operation made him one of the richest people in the world. Although part of the film is inaccurate, the spirit of the character and the veil of American cynicism and hypocrisy have been effectively conveyed in the film. With its glamorous stars touring France, "made in America" is essentially the real United States.

Spider man Alumni Association

The Spider Man series needs to be restarted. The most perfect one is "back to school day". This fashionable film is full of vitality, exuding the charm of young stars and the ruggedness of masked superheroes. After the Avengers, Tony Stark contacted Peter Parker. He was asked to live a normal life like a college student. Meanwhile, the alien remains were picked up by the contractor Adrian and his team, who were soon pushed off the plane by the government. He took some parts and made himself a suit with wings and alien guns. Can Spiderman stop him? The comedy tone of the film does not compromise its serious premise. In the superhero film, "home" gives the background characters a lot of time, which is refreshing. Give aunt may more time, don't you?

Wonder woman

Rumors that Gail gado will be nominated for an Oscar for her performance are optimistic at best. But it didn't hurt her excellent performance. It's just a question when she can have her own independent film. The film traces the origin of wonder woman and her life before she became a fickle heroine, Princess Diana of Amazon. When a scientist told her about conflict prone areas, Diana used her training to realize her real strength. If 2017 means anything, it is the year of superhero films. Wonder woman is certainly one of the best films.