The release of Amazon game studio MMO New World was a huge success, but problems in the game prevented players from playing the game the way they wanted. After a large number of bans against cheaters and exploiters, most of which are permanent, players are pleased with the developer’s re-communication when sharing future plans.

The Into the Void update released by New World in November aims to introduce a large number of enemies and new weapons, as well as fix old problems and solve more pressing problems. However, this patch is full of secret changes to the core mechanics of New World, such as the RPG New World Coins way players can farm endgame equipment and increase their watermarks and equipment scores.

The production system has also changed, making it more difficult for production skills to reach the upper limit. In order to accomplish the same thing, players need to spend longer time, more gold coins and more materials. In addition, in all its nerf, New World still has many known issues, which together have a negative impact on the community.

New World Coins

New World’s latest patch changes the way Motes is obtained, and it includes more nerfs. After Amazon promised to deal with the watermarking system in a future patch, things are getting better. Introduce professional knowledge value to determine the player's equipment level. The December patch is currently available in public testing areas, including an engaging holiday event.

At present, New World is a good game for novices and those who have been playing games for a while, so that they have their favorite New World Coins equipment and skills to build and upgrade. For those in between, New World is not the best, because the most interesting aspects of the game are leveling and PvP endgames. In addition, if players want to get New World Coins quickly, NewWorldCoins will be the best choice!