Fans who follow FIFA 22 must know that EA has recently tried to reintroduce the old FUT favorites into FIFA 22 metadata. The Player Moments card is the best proof. According to FUTBIN, the Moments Duo challenge will cost 60,000 to 70,000 coins to complete. If the player considers receiving two cards that have a good chemical connection with each other, then this will be a pretty good deal.

If only one card is attractive to the player, the challenge is divided into two separate SBCs. Therefore, even if the player does not have enough funds or players to complete these two items, the Cheap FIFA 22 Coins player can still choose what the player wants. Spending money on both SBCs can earn players the Prime Electrum Players Pack, so players can even earn part of the funds invested in them.

The cost of Shunsuke Nakamura SBC is about 40,000-45,000 coins, while the cost of Kazuyoshi Miura is only about 20,000. The cards themselves have been significantly improved, and their perfect links make them easy to integrate into the team. Nakamura won the Player Moment Award for his brilliant goal against Manchester United in the 2006/07 season.

Miura won the award for becoming the oldest shooter in history at the age of 50. Players can add these FUT favorites to their club. In addition, if players lack FIFA 22 Coins in the game, they can always ask UTnice for help. They provide the cheapest  FUT 22 Coins on the market and deliver them instantly!