Best Cows Hoof Dog Chews 500g 

Calves Hoof Dog Chews 500g (roughly 5-6 relying upon size of the hooves which do fluctuate) 

Ideal for getting teeth doggies and canines who love a durable bite. They can likewise be loaded down with treats or with canine food to make eating more fascinating for your canine :) 

Calves Hooves are extremely famous on the grounds that they are so solid. ❤ 

NO additives 

  • NO added substances 
  • NO shading 
  • NO seasoning. 

Kindly store in a dry non-damp climate. No refrigeration required. Avoid direct daylight. New water ought to be accessible consistently. 

Normal canine treats and canine bites are enhancements to your pet's standard eating routine. Which can assist with keeping up with sound teeth and solid sparkling coat. 

Treats for canines can furnish your canine with additional nutrients and supplements that customary canine food may not give and many really take care of dental wellbeing too in addition to stop your canine tracking down different things to bite. 

These are delectable bites and treats for your canine. Our items are from EU live stock economically raised for human items, steroid free. 

This truly is an incredible treat for all sizes and ages. 

Reasonable for older and overweight canines as they are low in fat exceptionally edible and, appropriate for canines with hypersensitivities. 

An enormous extent of meat treats come from outside the EU. 

Boodles treats are EU guaranteed from human-grade creatures. 

Our treats have been normally air-dried to hold in all the integrity. 

✅ Made from new crude fixings 

No substance added substances 

✅ No flavorings or colourings 

Tenderly dried and regular 

No additives 

✅ No sugar or caramel 

✅ No additives 

Not cooked and don't fragment 

Appropriate for pups and more established canines 

Come from EU managed domesticated animals 

Human grade meat 

From unfenced creatures, all developed as nature planned with no development chemicals, steroids, or anti-toxins. 

All meat utilized is Non-Halal 

Cow Hooves 

Excellent treats for your shaggy companion that are wealthy in dietary benefit with insignificant handling and added substances. 

Cow hooves are a durable treat that will keep your canine involved for quite a long time, ideal for keeping canines who like to bite involved. 

Enduring cow hoovesGood for advancing dental healthGreat for keeping canines involved