Vanstrom could be in Morytania. There are a number of OSRS Gold possibilities. Now, once you have found Vanstrom, you will view the cutscene. This is you! You've ruined and damaged me and my goals for far too long! I must be defeated! Vanstrom will transform into a Level 145 Vanstrom Klause.

While prayer won't work at 95%, it can considerably weaken his attacks. Vanstrom will likely drop Drakan’s Key after a brief fight. Visit Meiyerditch close to the port and go to Castle Drakan. There are two Drakan Guards with a level 125 outside. They will be teleported to Burgh De Rott, and you will meet with Veliaf.

Are you fine, (player name)? Yes... Yeah... Drakan's guards took me! You can disguise yourself with this armor. You can now equip the Veliaf armor. Wear 65 Defense and Attack and go for all-round armor. Return to the port at Meiyerditch and return to the Guards. HALT! HALT!

It's the fellow Drakan Guard... um... (Player name)! Oh, hmm.... well you're wearing armour.... proceed ahead. It worked! Now carefully navigate into Drakan's throne area. Halt Knight! Why are you here? I was summoned by guards.

Close the door, and remove your armor. Now, take your regular armor and eliminate the two Drakan Guards at Level 125. They'll drop regular bones, and Gold (100-500) Now, two Level-150 Knights will burst in. They can be blocked completely by switching on Protect from Buy RuneScape Gold Melee. They will then drop regular bones and approximately the same amount of gold after being killed.