Since its inception, Isover, a leader in Air Conditioning, has developed new tools that apply the latest technologies to help engineers, architects, designers and other professionals in the sector to carry out their work with greater efficiency and comfort.

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Now, thanks to technological progress, the experience acquired and the appearance of new international regulations that regularize calculation methods in air conditioning installations, Isover presents ClimCalCDimension , the new benchmark software for the sector.

 Calculate the ducts in air conditioning installations.

ClimCalCDimensiones is a powerful software for the dimensional calculation of ducts in air conditioning installations that allows to determine in a simple and efficient way the dimension of the ducts to be used for each project through an intuitive interface.

Knowing the air flow required in each section of the duct network, the necessary duct section can be calculated according to the pressure drop. All you have to do is select the Climaver product for the project and enter the required flow.

The program directly calculates the necessary square section of the duct network for a pressure drop of 1 Pa / m by default. Just by changing the value in Pa / m in the corresponding box, the calculation can be made with another pressure drop per linear meters. Colourful Fridge in Bangladesh

To adapt to the reality of the project, in addition to the appropriate square section, it allows to determine the best possible section when there is space limitation.

This software version integrates:

  • On-line use without the need to install any application on the local computer.
  • Compatible with Smartphones for on-site calculations on site.
  • Database of coefficients of the different materials.
  • Real-time modeling of the installation.
  • Continuous technical support.
  • Version in various languages.

The Climaver range are Isover mineral wool products from which a network of air conditioning ducts with high thermal and acoustic performance can be built with the guarantee of a world leader in the manufacture of insulating products and more than 150 million square meters of this product installed in Spain with continuous evolution for more than 40 years.