Hawaiian vacationers who love adventure tours agree few things compare with some of the most exciting boat tours Oahu offers. They range from big wave adventures to whale watching and viewing sharks up close and personal. Not many things compare to those experiences, and if your family includes blasé teenagers, their heads will turn when the family goes on an adventure tour to see sharks. Today's advanced tour boats are quick and agile, speeding sightseers from one location to another. It's a far cry from a slow tour bus or old-fashioned wood boat. You'll be impressed by the quick, smooth ride.

One of the things that make for better touring on Oahu's North Shore is a local boat captain who knows the area. You need someone with the knowledge to take you to the best spots and provide a bit of narration about points of interest. Viewing marine life depends on finding the locations where they are present. There is much to see when you're in the right place at the right time, and it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vacations should make memories, and you can make it happen when you go on the best adventure. You'll also be amazed by how many points of interest on land you'll see from out on the water.

If you've been to Oahu more than once, you've learned how much of an issue traffic can be, and a boat tour gets you out of it. If your family or group is large enough, it's also interesting to consider a private tour that goes at your own pace and visits the spots you select. If sharks and whales aren't your things, consider a big wave tour. Don't forget the waters of the North Shore have some of the best surfing spots in the world, and that means breathtaking swells and waves. When you're on a newly designed watercraft that's fast and agile, you'll smoothly ride up and down the waves and feel the ocean.

Whale watching is a must when you're in the area from December through April, even if you've done it before or elsewhere. The seasonal migration brings large pods to the North Shore waters, and they are a spectacular sight to behold. When you're out at the time of day when they are most active, you'll see a natural marine life show that's nothing less than breathtaking. For all of these reasons and many others, taking an Oahu North Shore boat tour is an excellent family activity during a Hawaiian vacation. You'll ride on a smooth, fast-moving, advanced watercraft that keeps you safe and secure.