1. Environmental protection

Meet the international environmental protection standard No.5 (PP) secondary recycled particles.

Plastic Pump Head Manufacturers' all-plastic pump removes the metal spring and glass beads made of PP, which reduces the cost of plastic recycling and the difficulty of disassembly.

2. Quality

After pumping, the liquid comes into contact with the metal spring, which will easily react slowly with certain components in the liquid, and the sediment will block the nozzle of the plastic pump.

In particular, the formula contains two raw materials (Isododecane and Cetiol LDO), which will corrode the pump and cause the pump to become unusable quickly.

The all-plastic pump will never have this problem and will work perfectly before the liquid is used up.

3. Security

Ordinary pumps contain a metal spring, and chemicals are added when the metal spring is produced and cleaned in the factory.

Chemical substances (containing heavy metals) attached to the metal spring can contaminate the liquid product in the container.

The all-plastic pump ensures that the liquid product will never come into contact with the metal spring.

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