It's unfortunate, after all, basketball games, unlike other games in NBA2king sports, aren't able to be characterized by major advancements in gameplay and systems. Alongside the fact that players update their data every year, the developer 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the gameplay" of the game.

Jidu has made several enhancements to its operation. It has even implemented real-time tactical switching as well as the adjustment of AI settings for the teammates etc. From real-time action games to real-time actions and strategies games, in order to be more professional professional.

Manufacturers are invited to make changes or corrections if the player is a long-term fan. While there will be some issues during the initial launch of the game, 2K Sports will pay attention to market reaction and will make adjustments.

In "NBA 2K19" the three-point shot is made easier thanks to the "three-point shooting" game. It's easier, and also the unique "touch slam dunk" of the next generation console can also increase the power of close players, allowing players of all kinds to take full advantage of the opportunities to play.

Additionally, the defensive abilities of the players featured in this episode have also been upgraded. Blocking has become much simpler. It is hard to Buy 2K MT PS4 believe how many times a tall player was chased down by a player during a layup dribble and then struck the ball with their back. When we examine the general balance of the five-on-five game, we will see that there are many more improvements than the previous series.