We wanted to test something different with the skill, to remove the barriers from experiencing it OSRS Power Leveling. We will be raising the skill cap for free-to-play to 20 upon the day one of the launch and will provide everyone with the Kharid-Et dig site to play around in. If the test goes well, and the results from the annual survey suggest it would be accepted, we'll look to roll this out across all skill levels and also test other milestones in the development of skills.

The Archaeology Elite skilling attire will also be available, which will be available following the launch of the skill. This can be obtained completely through Archaeology and requires a different fragment system than what you might be familiar with. You'll need to complete certain things in order to get it. You are very inexplicably...

Ok, now for the actual thing - the release date. You can see that the development has been extremely rapid. You will be playing Archaeology and all five of its dig sites, ancient inventions old summonings, relics and more in January 2020.

Let's take a look at the most recent news and updates. RS Mobile, quite exciting and will hopefully draw more players in RS 2007 Fire Cape Buy. RuneFest Theme is not a game update but an event. RunePass - Oceans Bounty, cosmetic items available. Treasure Hunter - Boneyard.