In Act 2 of Diablo 2: Resurrected, there is a new mission called Pollute the Sun. When the player enters the Lost City area and the world suddenly darkens, this new mission begins. The mission text, as well as the many NPCs in the town, guide the player to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes talk to Trognan. He lives in the east of Lut Gholein.

Trognan stated that he understands that the enduring darkness is the magical solar eclipse caused by the work of the claw snake. In order to end the darkness, the player must find the Claw Viper Temple somewhere in the desert. The Claw Viper Temple is located in the Snake Valley, just outside the Lost City of Diablo 2. Players can search the edge of the area until they find the entrance to the Snake Valley. Once there, they will find the temple. This is a very small area, and it is the only distinguishing feature there.

In Diablo 2’s claw snake shrine, players will encounter claw snakes, salamanders, and a group of undead creatures. Claw Viper Temple has two levels, so players need to find the entrance to the second level. Due to the randomness of the map, this may take a while. Although the level 2 area of ​​the Claw Viper Temple is much smaller, it does have some powerful enemies. If things don't go well, the D2R Items player will not have much room to escape.

Diablo 2 has players fighting salamanders, including the super unique mini-boss Fang. This newt has lightning magic and super fast characteristics. He also has a few minions that players need to deal with. Once the player successfully defeats the tooth hide and other monsters in the area, they can climb the stairs to the polluted sun altar in the middle of the room. Destroy it, the player can complete the mission, and the light will eventually return to the world.

In addition, the destruction of the Contaminated Sun Altar will drop the Viper Amulet. It is part of Diablo 2’s Horadric Staff mission. If the player has found the Horadric Rubik’s Cube and the King’s Staff during the journey, they have completed one mission and are completing the second mission when they destroy the Altar of the Contaminated Sun. If players want to get the rare Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, they can also buy them from MMOWTS for very little money. This is the quickest way.