The new world of Amazon games seems to have entered its best state after its successful release. Apart from the strange robot and server issues, it looks like it will become an important competitor in large MMOs in the next few years. Now that the early stage has been successfully passed, the developer has announced the New World public beta area.

Quite common in MMOs, PTR is basically a set of early access servers, allowing developers to gather feedback and test new content before adding it to the game. "Between our internal testing work and your feedback, we hope to catch and resolve all serious issues before they reach the real-time server," the announcement read. "Hundreds of changes have been made, and the full release notes will be shared on the release day."

PTR will allow players to immediately upgrade to a specific range and provide appropriate equipment, which can be accessed by anyone who already owns the game on Steam. so: what is it testing? Developers are seeking feedback on some new additions, especially including new Void Gauntlets (DPS/support hybrid weapons with "buff and debuff arsenal"), new enemy faction Varangian Raiders, A bunch of new low-level beasts ,Blighted beasts, beetles, lost shamans, pirate crocodiles, ancient guardian fire warlocks and enhanced corrupt laborers!

The main storyline missions have also been adjusted, adding new mission types and mission variants, including wave events, destructible objects, and neighboring nodes for tracking.

There are also three new PVP faction mission types: control points, where you can occupy the fortress; intercept, where you beat the enemy, where it says, "Collect their tears"; war camp loot, where you have to get from the enemy camp Get the plan. Most importantly, the "poaching" mission has been deleted (this may refer to some bs collecting PVP missions that have nothing to do with PVP), and "almost all" PVP missions now depend on death rather than being confiscated.

Finally, this is big news for economists. "All trading stations are linked and unified! You can buy and sell the same results from any trading station in the world. The cost of buying and selling orders is defined by the settlement you posted. In addition, the transaction tax "The purchase you make is determined by the clearinghouse you made the purchase definition. Expired items listed in the sales order will be returned to their posted settlement. ”In fact, players to the official website with New World Coins Buy.

Amazon Games did not set a timetable for when the PTR function will enter the game, but emphasized that basically all the content there is considered complete and "in the final stage of testing and bug fixes." The latest update of New World was last week, specifically for gold sellers.

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