In Madden 22 NFL game if you want to add something special, then you can use Madden 22 celebrations, taunts, and showboating. Most players like to Buy MUT Coins on MMOSO. In this way, you can add some extra flair to your important highlights. Here is how to do Madden 22 celebrations or taunts.

Just like many NFL stars do, Madden 22 celebrations and taunts allow gamers to add exclamation points to big games. After a big game, such as sacking, interception, first fall, or touchdown, you can choose to celebrate the game in four different ways. A menu of celebration options will pop up on the screen, prompting you to make a choice.

Using the controller's Right Stick, you can perform any of the following:
1. For a Swagger/First Down celebration – Press the Right Stick Up. 
2. To do a Dance Celebration – Press the Right Stick to the Right.
3. For a Spike or Flex celebration – Press Right Stick Down.
4. To do the Signature celebration – Press Right Stick to the Left.

You may not be celebrated every time you defend or run/receive the ball, but you should always see the option each time you score. Please remember, the options remain on screen for a short time, and if you wait too long to trigger one, you won't be able to perform any actions. 

A celebration run in Madden 22 is different, as you can perform this with a player who has gotten away from the defense and is headed down the field. Typically, you'll want to be headed to the end zone with the defenders behind you.

So how does your celebration run in Madden 22? When you run to the finish zone, press the L2 on the PlayStation controller or the LT button on the Xbox controller.
You are not able to choose the specific celebration run that your player performs, so it will be presented randomly. Options will include running at high strides or waving to the defender as you move towards the end zone. provides buy MUT 22 Coins, fast delivery and the Best offer has won the trust of global players.