Additionally, I've noticed that some fansites have items listed that are listed as having the same low-alch cash that is earned by OSRS Gold the general store. But this isn't true for willow short (u). Low alch them and you get 64 gp ea. Selling them to general stores gives you 16 gp per pound. The STORE retails for 64 gp ea. I was wondering if there was a common equation that works for all items for general store or are there exceptions for specific items?

I was interested in this and looked through the online databases of items. The site stated that the Armadyl sword can be purchased from the general market for just 0 GBP. This isn't the case. Common items like bows adhere to the "multiply with 4" rule. They sell them at 1 gp, then they sell it again for 4 gp.

Please explain the rules or something that is communal for all items so I am able to put my mind at rest or I probably might start selling all my belongings to the general store and then buying them back...

Now, I require your help with the treasure trail. It takes a while to finish. Today's problem is ...(drumroll )...I can't access the scroll in the same way that I did in the past. However, what I am trying to convey is that they're not dropping any more. Even when I try to upgrade the level of my clue scroll, again nuttin. I don't have any in my inventory or in my bank account.

Please respond if you can. And my seconfd problem is ....(again )......I need seroius cash. Im running low on cash lately so I wanted to know if anyone could give me some suggestions. Below are the statistics for more details. There is no guarantee that you will find a clue scroll. You can get one following 500 kills or five kills. Your luck might be just a random streak. If you keep fighting the same beast for long enough, you may be Cheap RS Gold rewarded eventually.