Can I Reschedule My American Airlines Flight Tickets?

American Airlines has been in operations for a long time now, and they make sure that their passengers do not face any kind of trouble at any point. Easy cancellation, rescheduling tickets, booking American Airlines Tickets, and any other facility along with that is easily accessible to the passengers at online and offline means. Their services are available for all kinds of travelers. If you are wondering how you can reschedule your American Airlines booking, we have discussed all the ways you can do this in this article. Read the article till the read to know the step-to-step process of rescheduling or changing your flight. 

Rescheduling American Airlines Tickets Online

To change your American Airlines Booking online, you have to follow all the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the website of the airlines.
  2. Head to the Manage Flight option available beside American Airlines Book Flight on the top left corner. 
  3. Enter your flight detail asked, such as your last name and the confirmation code you must have received at the time of the booking 
  4. Now, in the options, you will find the option of change flight. Click on that, and the other flights available to your destination will appear on your screen. 
  5. Select the flight you want to change your flight with and head to the payment page. 
  6. Tere, pay the difference in the amount of the two flights if the cost of the new flight is more than the prebooked flight.
  7. In case the situation is vice versa, the difference will be credited to your miles account, which you can use for your future American Airlines booking. 

Rescheduling American Airlines Tickets Offline

If you want to change our flight offline, call on the customer helpline of the airline and connect with the live representative of the airline.

  1. Dial the number and choose the language you want to continue the conversation, such as American Airlines Espanol
  2. Then press the number allocated to the change a flight option, and you will be put on hold for a while.
  3. A live representative will be connected to you soon, and you can ask for his assistance in doing the same. 
  4. Do not worry about anything while sharing your details as they keep all your information safe with them.


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