The Pokemon game has now become an interesting anime series, and the anime show Pokemon Sword and Shield  Episode 85 will be released soon. We have already seen 84 superhit blockbuster episodes of the show. PKMbuy promotion is underway, please choose it to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. The following are some of the contents of episode 85. 

1. When will the Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85 be released? 
 The Pokemon Sword and Shield Episode 85 is all ready and scheduled to air on Friday, October 29, 2021. We expect it to air at 6:55 pm Japan Standard Time. Although it may vary depending on your time zone.

Fans are very excited and interested in starting the next story in this Pokemon journey. The show will be the first to go out in Japan. A new trailer for episode 85 of the show has also been released. If you are a true fan of anime, then I'm sure you must have seen the trailer for episode 85 of this show by now.

2. What is the predictable plot of Pokemon Sword and Shield episode 85?
The trailer for episode 85 of Pokemon Sword and Shield can now be found on YouTube and the official Pokemon Anime website. So far, we have seen so many new Pokemon during the journey. Beware that everyone has a new and special power. Animated series become very popular with each new episode. 

Based on our reports and the trailer for episode 85, it looks like we are about to see the new adventure of Pokemon catchers. This also means that new problems are also emerging. More Pokemon will join the clan soon. A new evolution is on our way. We have to witness the third battle of Pokemon, who will win this one? Can our hero win this victory? The battle will be full of action, drama, and fun.

If you want to know more details on this particular episode, be sure to watch episode 85 of Pokemon Sword and Shield. During this time, you can buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale from PKMBuy to enjoy the game.