I wake up the next OSRS GP morning to find my bank totally destroyed. JAGEX actually took my most valuable possessions to pay for the damage. I was mad, but there is no way to fix it. I continued playing and noticed that my statistics... my 99 Woodcutting is now at the 97 mark as is my 90 Mining is at 89. All other stats are at least 2 levels... with the exception of thief... which remains at 99 ,.... I'm completely angry.

Guess I have lots of work to do...anyways in the end, the third thing they did which was probably the thing that pis*&d me off the most is my whole bank account was re-adjusted and no longer in order...OCD was sucked in...they don't even know the length of time it took me to get it set up!

It's probably an awful lot of work to do. No matter what you believe the existence of bots is enough to make me angry. This is how it occurred. Leave a comment if you're upset by any of the penalties.. The possibility that the whole bank was changed would be the worst!

SCENARIO - There are sudden changes taking place in the Jagex headquarters. Activity numbers are low, there's a lack of satisfaction among the active players, and the staff has exhausted all ideas. Jagex fires Runescape's head to make the game more popular in middle schools across the globe and then hires players to fill in the vacancy.

You now hold the top spot in a large multiplayer game and have gained more influence. But there is an issue: what do I do? If I were Runescape's head I would admit that Runescape has been struggling and the genre is seriously in trouble (see World of Warcraft).

League of Legends, however, is old school runescape gold another similar game. Although I would not try to duplicate the League of Legends approach, it's worth taking a look at some of the lessons learned from this game. I would also like to improve the combat system. Combat is a great system for PvM, but isn't appropriate for PvP. PvM is essentially an exclusive system, therefore new players won't be able to experience the game.