As EA and FIFA try to reach an agreement for the future of the football series, EA Sports has released new statistics that illustrate the series’ immense popularity and appeal. By the way, UTnice is currently holding promotional activities, welcome to visit!

After 22 days of listing, the total playing time of FIFA 22 has reached 46 trillion minutes, which is equivalent to 87.8 million years of FIFA 22 Coins game time. The players scored 5 billion goals and participated in a total of 2.1 billion games. According to EA, people in more than 200 countries around the world have played FIFA 22. People play approximately 89 million games every day.

FIFA boss David Jackson stated that their global football platform continues to grow at an alarming rate, and their outstanding community is participating at an unprecedented level. They are happy to continue this momentum all over the world by providing fans with the most immersive football game experience. In the career mode of FIFA 22, players have created 3.1 million new custom clubs, and a total of 2.1 million people have spent time in this mode.

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EA also announced that 57.7 million matches have been played in the professional club mode and more than 326,000 female avatars have been created. In Volta, players have customized more than 1.5 million avatars and participated in more than 21 million games. However, EA did not share any hard sales data on the number of copies of FIFA 22 sold, nor did it provide any comment on the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins popularity of the Ultimate Team mode.

EA and FIFA are currently negotiating the future of the popular football series. According to reports, FIFA requires EA to pay $1 billion every four years to continue to use its name, while EA insists that it does not strictly require the FIFA name because it has many other separate licensing agreements with players, teams, stadiums, etc. In addition, all players can buy cheap FIFA 22 Coins in UTnice to increase their advantage.