Don’t make the mistake of thinking your children don’t need kids sunglasses factory's sunglasses when it’s cloudy or snowy—or even when they’re in the shade.

Up to 85% of UV is reflected by snow. This means that snow reflection can double overall UV exposure. In fact, it can even cause sunburned eyes—a condition called photokeratitis or snow blindness.
80% of UV rays pass through clouds, reports SunDoctors, while some UV light (up to 17%) even gets through in the shade.
The reality of blue light
Concerned parents also worry about the effects of blue light and most attribute it to digital devices. The truth is, while the devices do emit blue light, the greatest source of blue light is the sun.

Be safe and buy smart
It’s true, obviously, kids need sunglasses.

So, make sure your children wear kids optical glasses whenever they’re outdoors, even for a short time. And keep a backup pair in the car so your entire family can have fun in the sun and stay safe.