Training Points are used to upgrade players' OVR and unlock new X-Factors and Superstar abilities for players. We need to note that not all players can upgrade. The following is to teach you how to get training points, getting more Training Points will help you not spend money on MUT. But when you want to Buy MUT 22 Coins, you can choose MMOSO.

1. Quickly sell your Excell or unwanted cards
Most cards have a quick sale value, which can provide you with additional Training Points. For example, quickly selling Akiem Hick will get 115 Training Points. Once player cards are not needed, you should consider selling them quickly to get their Training Points. As you might expect, players with higher ratings will soon be sold for more Training Points.

In other words, you will give up selling them at the Auction House for the price of coins or put them into a set. So, before you sell them quickly, make sure you don't need coins or have sets that are available to players.

2. Complete the MUT Challenge
EA Sports continues to create new challenges for players in MUT. These will provide various rewards, including Training Points. But, in MUT, there are a lot of challenges to do, so if you don't have time to concentrate on completing all the challenges, be sure to pick the ones that provide the rewards you need.

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