Many fans of Amazon Games MMO may agree that the start of New World is very difficult. The game has experienced serious server problems, which has angered many new players, and now the maintenance of the New World Coins Buy game takes longer, which continues to anger fans who just want to jump into the game. More importantly, the player community itself seems to like to create problems within itself. Factional wars and territorial issues have always been the topic of online communities.

Now players are taking advantage of the recent New World issue to get them to stand around and remain invincible while staying online. Since most of the gameplay of New World revolves around the territorial war between the three factions, it is definitely a big advantage to have an invincible toon in the middle of occupying a point in the battle for fortress. If most players trying to conquer the fortress in the game take advantage of the glitch, they are likely to win when the time limit ends.

On Twitter, user Gothalion pointed out this problem and even marked the official account of New World to let them know about the problem. Gothalion encourages the development team to temporarily close the New World faction war and issue an emergency maintenance announcement to specifically solve the New World Coins invincible fault. Doing so will restore fairness to the game, which may please fans who have experienced the errors of invincibility firsthand.

Although New World continues to experience these types of problems, it is impressive how the game reached the top of the Steam leaderboard and has continued to maintain its leading position since its launch. I hope that the development team will give priority to fixing the fault, because this may help them maintain the interest of the fan base and retain a large number of players.

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