In an era when Season Pass, Battle Pass, and DLC are the norm, why does Nintendo continue to leave some of the most successful games that can continue to exist as real-time service games?

Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not the only Nintendo game that can benefit from continued post-release support, the seemingly abrupt end of its major update may be the best example of Nintendo's missed opportunity. When our world is October 14th, it is October 14th on your AC island, except of course that you changed the clock. Things are constantly changing-seasons, weather, objects, holidays, etc.-which means that something new can always be found.

This setting is perfect for constantly adding furniture, DIY recipes, game modes, cosmetics and other elements that will enable the creative community of Animal Crossing to flourish. Of course, all of this comes at the cost of more development, but with a success like New Horizons, the audience clearly desires more, and the reward seems to be there.

If this is any other developer besides Nintendo, you can imagine a world in which there are actual content seasons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with free and paid content dropping every few months. For example, MMOs like "Final Fantasy XIV" usually have some big expansions coming, such as the upcoming Endwalker, and some smaller events, such as the Halloween-themed All Saints' Wake, which will cause them.

In a version of Nintendo’s What If...?, another universe can see a season with the theme of Metroid Fear, coming with the release of the game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which contains items and clothing. , Furniture and more inspired by our favorite bounty hunter and her world. Although crossover games are always great, these updates may be a mixed pack of paid and free DLC, adding more reasons for players to come back. Not everyone may be interested in paid Metroid-themed DLC packs, but some people may like new free items to help Christmas or New Year ring.

Nintendo has actually conducted some experiments on this in "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" (iOS and Android devices), which allows fans to understand what this more real-time service of Animal Crossing might be. If you log in to Pocket Camp today, you will see some paid add-ons that provide more content than anyone who started a free game. The additional features of Pocket Camp are of course based on the free mode. This mode is not necessarily suitable for players of full-price console games, but if Nintendo already has "Animal Crossing", it knows how to continuously support new game updates. , Why not apply some long-term thinking to new horizons?

It is true that Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides a lot of free and wonderful post-launch support in the form of new cosmetics, items, seasonal products, swimming in the sea and other functions. But support does not necessarily end within two years after release. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy ACNH Items and Nook Miles Tickets.

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