Was surprised again. New World players have discovered an obvious invincibility loophole that is easy to implement: you just need to switch to window mode and drag the game window. When repositioning the New World window, the player will enter a state of suspended animation and cannot be killed.

When the player releases the window and their character returns to the reality of the server, their invincibility will end, and the accumulated damage hits them just like the ending of a pressure point attack on the North Star's fist. However, as Kona pointed out, this does not make the exploit useless, because theoretically it can become an unkillable capture point during a PvP war.

Two New World players from PC Gamer tested this technique and confirmed that it works at least to some extent. From the perspective of attacking the player, the player using the loophole is being hurt, but once their health is zero, they will not die until they release the window. One of our testers was also able to use this technique to jump off a cliff from the perspective of another player and then freeze in mid-air.

Now that the vulnerability has been discovered by the community, many people have called on Amazon to either suppress it or freeze the war in the game. Otherwise, the company may use loopholes in battle to win territory and gain a significant advantage. Because wars cost money to fight, and the victors have achieved tremendous economic growth, they have a lot to do.

The window movement vulnerability may be a strange one-time vulnerability; this does not necessarily indicate a serious flaw in the client-server relationship of the New World. There may be situations where it makes sense to make the player invulnerable when the client is not responding. However, in this case, it seems that the player can easily manipulate the client to make it advantageous, which is surprising. Exploitation usually involves executing strange game modes, rather than daily Windows UI operations.

In some past cases, game publishers were merciless in exploiting users and prohibited them from cheating, even if they were using bugs that everyone could use instead of external cheating software. I don’t know what Amazon will do in this situation, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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