PUREGRIP® HPLC solvent reservoir cap and bottle assemblies offer the safest and most ergonomic lab safety solution in the industry. These assemblies come with patented VersaCap® tech-nology, a Class VI PTFE Manifold and an Air Inlet Valve combined with a Foxx 25mm, 0.2μm PTFE Filter for safe vapor filtration.Get more news about Airtight Bottle,you can vist our website!

The Air Inlet Valve and PTFE Filter blocks out all harmful solvent vapors while also absorbing incoming contaminants from the incoming air. This valve threads directly into any of Foxx Life Sciences HPLC Reservoir Manifolds.

The sealed VersaCap® design eliminates tube twisting and eliminates tubes from sliding in and out of the container. With HPLC Reservoir Assemblies it is guaranteed to get accurate data from your analysis with its airtight seal using a Class VI PTFE Manifold and Chemically Resistant Viton O-Ring.