The present invention relates to a palladium / manganese oxide deoxidizing agent. An activity accelerating agent, a reinforcing agent Al2O3, CaO, SiO2 and cement are added to the oxide of carrier manganese. The deoxidizing agent simultaneously has the double functions of catalytic hydrogenation and deoxidation and deoxidation by means of the reaction of the carrier and oxygen, and consequently, the application range and the adaption range of the deoxidizing agent are wide. When the deoxidizing agent is used at room temperature, feed gas can carry out deep deoxidation (Reduial oxygen is less than 0.003 ppm.), and the treating capacity of the deoxidizing agent in unit time is larger (The deoxidation space velocity can be as large as 10+[5] hour +[-1]).) The deoxidizing agent has the advantages of water resistance in the reaction course, good poison resistance, long service life, simple preparation method and low cost and is suitable for application in industrial production.Get more news about Oxide Deoxidizing Catalyst,you can vist our website!
The invention provides a kind of palladium/manganese oxide deoxidizing agent, it has stronger deoxidation usefulness, and applicable multiple gases deoxidation, uses during the system high gas.
At present both at home and abroad the gas sweetening reductor that generally adopts mainly comprises two classes: 1) catalyzed reaction deoxidation, having in the presence of the hydrogen usually, and make in the gas residual oxygen and hydrogen under catalyst action, water generation reaction take place and remove.This class catalyzer adopts mostly and contains elements such as precious metals pt, Pd as active constituent, as Pd/Al 2O 3, the Pd/ molecular sieve; Pd/ carbon fiber or Pt-Pd/ titanium oxide etc.2) chemical reaction deoxidation, generally in the presence of no hydrogen, residual oxygen and reductor generation chemical reaction in the gas are with O 2Absorb or burn and consume.The normal employing of this way appraised at the current rate oxide compound as reductor, as manganese oxide (MnOx), and silver suboxide (AgiO), cupric oxide, nickel oxide (NiOx) etc. and gac.But adopt catalyzed reaction deoxidation method, catalyst system therefor often needs activation and regeneration, and remaining oxygen is still at 0.5~10ppm in the purified gas.And utilize chemical reaction deoxidation method, and the deoxidation amount of reductor is limited, and the reductor regeneration after the use is difficult.Adopt to carry the palladium gac as reductor, though the deoxidation amount is bigger, belong to consumption-type, in case reductor exhausts the mistake effect, and deoxygenation should use under comparatively high temps.The reaction back produces new impurity CO simultaneously 2And CO.
The object of the present invention is to provide a kind of strong deoxidation usefulness that has, toxin immunity is good, and use range is wide, particularly the palladium/manganese oxide deoxidizing agent that is suitable in industry.This reductor has catalyzed reaction deoxidation and two kinds of functions of chemical reaction deoxidation.Can adapt to the multiple gases deoxidizing purification and use, its deoxidation degree of depth is big, easy to use, and the life-span is long.
Precious metal palladium/oxide compound the reductor that contains of the present invention, its palladium metal is the catalytic activity component, and support oxide selects for use the oxide compound that appraises at the current rate to be used for the residual oxygen of spent gas, it is characterized in that oxide compound selects the oxide compound of manganese for use, and in the oxide compound of manganese, add accelerative activator and toughener Al for increasing its activity and intensity 2O 3, CaO and SiO 2And cement.Wherein, the content of palladium metal (to the following content of reductor wt% together) is 0.1~2%, and MnOx is 60~90%, and aluminum oxide is 0~20%, and silicon oxide is 0~20%, and calcium oxide is 1~10%, cement 5~30%.Preferably adopting Manganse Dioxide in the oxide compound manganese oxide of above-mentioned manganese is to become Jie's oxide compound.The preparation process of reductor of the present invention adopts following step: