The trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally coming out, and the long wait made me feel a little impatient. The previous announcement was released with the trailer for Brewster and Habitat, which will be added to the New Horizons Museum through a free content update in November. As with past Nintendo Direct showcases, players will be able to listen online to get more detailed information about Brewster and the upcoming New Horizons content.

Animal Crossing is struggling with content updates in this boring summer. In 2021, previous events are mainly repeated, and there is almost no new content to update gameplay and goals, which also makes players a little dissatisfied with the game. Although the basic gameplay of New Horizons can keep players busy for dozens of hours, since its release, many people who have played the game have been hopeful about updates that focus on the new Animal Crossing NPC, store, or upgrades. It’s already fun to improve the game.

According to the official Animal Crossing Twitter account, the Live Animal Crossing will be live on October 15th at 7 am Pacific Time or 10 am Eastern Time. New Horizons fans will be able to listen to the radio on Nintendo’s Twitch and YouTube channels. It will also be available after streaming on YouTube for those who cannot watch the update in real-time. Although the trailer for the November content update seems to focus on Brewster and Habitat, it is also possible for players to learn about upcoming events or other new horizons of future content plans.

It is also confirmed that Animal Crossing will receive the 5th series of Amiibo cards, which will be announced during Animal Crossing Direct. Currently, nothing is known about who might be included in the package, but players may have the opportunity to invite past NPCs in the animal crossing game, and even get exclusive new villagers unique to ACNH. Amiibo card is a way for players to select villagers, rather than looking for certain characters in the mysterious island tour, it may be a good tool for those who are considering restarting New Horizons islands for a new town design.

Although major base game updates will bring benefits, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will announce an expansion of the island or upgrade of existing buildings. As ACNH is about to usher in its second birthday, Nintendo is more likely to continue to focus on returning activities and add small updates like Brewster and Cafe to keep players interested. It is hoped that Brewster and Habitat will provide players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with some fresh ways to enjoy island life while revisiting a popular location and NPC. This live broadcast made me feel that it is to give players peace of mind so that we can again look forward to waiting for the next update. It also allows some of the lost players to pick up the game again. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy ACNH Items and Nook Miles Tickets.

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