Seeing a suitcase that can be pulled away, many people first reflect that it is an ordinary suitcase, but in fact, the suitcase that can be pulled away is not only the suitcase, but also the icesmith's trolley car fridge freezer manufacturers’s car refrigerator.

1. Three-speed adjustable lever
The design of the icemaker trolley car refrigerator, the three-speed adjustable trolley design, can adjust the height of the trolley according to the needs, the trolley is very smooth and stretches freely. The car refrigerator has a lever, you can free your hands, and you no longer need to lift the refrigerator when you move the refrigerator. You only need to pull it gently, which is very cool and easy to carry!

2. Wear-resistant reinforced large pulley
Compared with other peers, the wheels of icemaker's trolley refrigerators are relatively large, with a diameter of about 10cm, and they are also large wear-resistant and reinforced pulleys, which not only have a stronger bearing capacity, but are also not afraid of rugged roads.

If you go out for a self-driving trip, no matter how heavy the refrigerator is, you just need to pull it and go away. It's easy to use and effortless. Pull it up and look like a suitcase from a distance. When you open it up close, you will find that it turned out to be a refrigerator. It is such a fashionable but easy to misunderstand refrigerator.

3. Extremely fast cooling
It is a compressor car refrigerator, using fluorine-free refrigeration technology, not only can cool quickly, but also save energy and environmental protection. The refrigerating temperature is as low as -20°C. According to the test results of the icemaker's laboratory, at an ambient temperature of 25°C, put 5 bottles of 550ml of water in the refrigerator for about 6.4 hours, the water can freeze!
Therefore, the ice maker trolley car refrigerator is not only an easy-to-carry car refrigerator, but also a small portable car refrigerator that can freeze.