Kaczrowski revealed that he could talk for old school rs gold hours on chess. This is a sign of Asperger’s syndrome, where the affected are able to dominate conversations regarding their interests. He remarked with childlike enthusiasm that he only played it for fun. "I wanted to have fun with it."

A lot of things in the life of Kaczrowski became easier to understand following the diagnosis. The sensitivity to noise, the overload he would feel after interacting with others, and the way he thrived by repetition and routine were evident. He explained ways to keep his mind clear by doing the exact same every day. Thinking is processing which can be hard for Aspergers.

Kaczrowski was married to Karen in 2007 when they were married. They recently purchased an apartment in Alexandria. Kaczrowski has found it beneficial to have his own house. This lets him be more free away from distractions. Karen shared that her husband was always wandering around his apartment. It was difficult for him to interact with everyone.

She explained that Asperger's is a social, communication, disability. "It is wonderful because I can't always know the direction people are moving to, and it's difficult to keep up," he said. Asperger's sufferers are said to exhibit repetitive behavior. Kaczrowski used this common sign to earn an online gaming award. He has amassed 200 million Runescape experience points.

The online game has more than 10 million active accounts every day. Kaczrowski is the third player in the skill of repetitive runecrafting, an achievement of which both he and Karen are extremely proud. Kaczrowski's in-tune senses have been a pleasant surprise to him throughout his life. He could feel the baby struggling to breathe while holding his nephew, who was a premature child. Over and OSRS buy gold over he expressed his concerns.