In our real world, the change of seasons is a gradual process, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the change of seasons is instantaneous. For players in the northern hemisphere, the fall enters the game on September 1st and lasts until November 25th.

This allowed them to see all the visual changes related to autumn in the game. The trees on the island gradually changed their colors, and there was also a series of season-specific activities throughout the autumn. The following are the autumn activities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to buy Cheap ACNH Bells in Autumnal, you can choose the ACItems store.

1. Plant a pumpkin patch
This is one of the many reasons for returning to  Animal Crossing: New Horizons of the new season is to be able to grow the typical autumn food pumpkin. Pumpkins begins can be purchased from Leif, or through Nook's Cranny cabinets from October. They grow into four different colors; orange, yellow, white, and green.

Planting pumpkins in a patch,  and decorating the area with fences and other decorations will not only make the island look closer to the season, but the pumpkins themselves are useful for some DIY recipes. 

2. Make seasonal items
Three miniature "seasons" crafts are offered in autumn. The first is acorns and pine cones, which can be shaken from the tree from September 1st to December 10th. Next, pumpkin DIY is available, and recipes for using pumpkins planted by the player can be found in the balloon or by talking with villagers. After Halloween, the mushroom season has come to New Horizons. Throughout November, different kinds of mushrooms can be found growing under the trees. 
There are recipes made from acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, and mushrooms to choose from, and many aspects of autumn can be replicated in New Horizons. More importantly, finding materials is a seasonal activity in itself.

3. Decorate the appearance of the house
The sometimes forgotten element of island decoration is the ability to decorate the exterior of the player's house. This change provides another good way to enter the autumn mood. You can choose to blend into a comfortable atmosphere or imitate the appearance of a haunted house, and there are options to suit everyone.
Changing the appearance of the house will not only help refresh a part of the player's island, but it can also become the perfect core for a large theme display. 

4. Participate in Turkey Day
The final stage of the Autumn in Animal Crossing is Turkey Day, which is inspired by America's own Thanksgiving Day. It was called Harvest Festival before New Horizons, and this day is all about food. A banquet table appeared on the market square, and turkey chef Franklin appeared.

Players must help Franklin collect all the ingredients needed to complete his feast, and each dish will receive a Turkey Day-themed item as a reward. The task of collecting ingredients, whether through fishing or with the help of island residents, can provide a wholesome public experience.

Now players in the northern hemisphere can go to the game to experience these activities brought by Autumn, they must be very interesting. In the game, if you don't have enough bells to buy the items you want, then you can go to to buy Animal Crossing Bells at the lowest price or directly buy Animal Crossing Items any you want.