Twin gear juicers are claimed to be the best models at getting the ultimate in nutritious juices out of all your fruit and vegetables. Also referred to as triturating juicers, the best twin gear juicers differ from regular juicers in that they don’t require any items placed inside to be pre-cut. The addition of two metal gears also ensures a longer lasting and overall more durable product.Twin gear juicers are great additions for families, those following diet plans, and those recovering from an illness or with ongoing health conditions. They are even versatile enough to make other foods including baby foods, sorbets, and nut butter!

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This review highlights five of the best-rated twin gear juicers currently available to purchase on Amazon. Focusing on those features we consider essential, it aims to help you find that perfect model to suit your individual needs and requirements. Referencing such features as speed, overall dimensions, weight, and warranty, it also aims to highlight what each juicer is best known for, while emphasizing any pros and what could be possible cons in each choice.

By searching the market for you, we have selected only those top-quality models which we believe make the grade as the best twin gear juicers. We present all our findings to you in extensive reviews of each product. Alongside this information, our additional buying guide with frequently asked questions gives you those essential details you need before purchasing that best juicier for your specific preference.

The Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE is our choice for best all around twin gear juicer as this is a fully automatic and newly upgraded model, which has been improved to a high specification by Super Angel. Claimed to offer everything that you could want in a juicer, this surgical-grade stainless-steel finished model is constructed using only the best material on the market and also comes complete with a newly designed main control board. With an anti-jamming system and control over speed to prevent overloading, you can also auto reverse should you ever come across any jams in the juicer. There’s also an automatic cooling system which prevents any overheating inside the juicer, along with an automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor. All the major parts of this model have been upgraded and reinforced for better functionality and to meet the exact requirements for electrical appliances. Therefore, the motor, cooling systems, gearbox, control panels, and safety sensors are all new and improved. Designed as a sleeker looking of juicers, this is a surgical grade twin gear plus extracting model which fits well in all kitchen areas. What’s more, its low RPM of 82 ensures every last drop of juice from your fruit and vegetables is used – so you get all the necessary enzymes you need here every time maintaining those essential nutrients in your food. Said to give up to 30 percent more juice than similar models on the market, this is a lightweight unit, making storing it away each time simple. It’s great for any kinds of fruits and veggies, but if you’re super health-conscious (and can’t stand the taste of kale and spinach) take a look at the best juicer for leafy greens which will help you to get their nutritional benefits, minus the aftertaste.