The facility will consist of two blocks of 71 m long, 17.6 m high racks with nine levels. The deeper channels will accommodate a total of twenty-four pallets and the shallowest, eight.Get more news about Automatic Shuttle Transfer System,you can vist our website!

On each level, there will be a transfer car that positions the shuttle in front of the storage channel assigned by Easy WMS. From there, the Pallet Shuttle will automatically introduce or extract the pallets. Two pallet lifts (one input and one output) will connect the different levels.

Mecalux will supply a conveyor circuit linking the production centre to the warehouse, as well as the racks in the dispatch area. In addition, 18 live preload channels will classify the products by route or customer.

Given the growth prospects of the company, the design of the warehouse takes into account future expansion, which will step up storage capacity to a total of 22,464 pallets.

Cistér, part of the Raimundo & Maia group, is a Portuguese company founded in 1999, specialised in canned vegetable and fruits. Its production facilities are filled with cutting-edge technology, which ensures the high-quality of its products.