Animal Crossing: I joined New Horizons when it launched in March 2020. Like most players, I was trapped at home by the pandemic. In fact, this game was very popular at that time, partly because everyone needed the company of this game.

When I first entered the game, I felt that the game’s relaxed rhythm, gorgeous visual effects, soothing soundtrack, and tranquil atmosphere and the real world. I took full advantage of this escapism. For several months, I spent an hour or two every day organizing my island, upgrading and decorating my house, getting rich from the Stalk market, traveling to the island, and hanging out with the villagers on my island.

In the later period of time, I slowly returned to real work and life and rarely played games. But when I opened up on a whim, I was still happier. Because everything I liked about this game is still there. The visual effects and music of New Horizons are as beautiful as ever. Although it is not exciting, completing various forms of trivial and busy work in the game is a good way to relax after working all day or dealing with particularly stressful things. . Nintendo has also updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the past year, there are many new things to collect and use, and I am also slowly catching up with the progress. I am still very happy to choose to continue this game in 2021.

However, what moved me a little bit worse is the fact that Animal Crossing: New Horizons lacks a meaningful progression system that makes it difficult to continue investing. In fact, Animal Crossing: New Horizons can learn from New Leaf.

New Horizons also urgently needs some content diversity. Although Nintendo’s updates for the game are cool, for developers, the events to update it would be great, so that they have a certain depth and are not very simple and universal. Although the villagers have different personalities, they also repeat dialogue lines very frequently, which makes many dialogues boring. The villagers no longer send you any interesting tasks, such as burying time capsules or giving gifts-instead, they just give you the boring "bring me this item" acquisition task.

In the previous games, everyone was immersed in a beautiful atmosphere and found no drawbacks, but as time went by, players were no longer satisfied with the official content update rate. But overall it is worth playing this game now. Let's look forward to the coming Mochizuki Day. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy ACNH Items and Nook Miles Tickets.

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