How Is Woven Wire Mesh Woven?
When weaving fine yarn heald wire architectural mesh, operators first wrap the predetermined count of individual wires onto a warp beam that will feed the specialized weaving loom designed to handle stainless steel wires. These wires are then threaded through the heddle frames that divide the wires in a way that allows the specified weave pattern to be achieved.

The operators must then take the time and carefully thread each wire through a read that keeps the wires in place while also driving the horizontal weft wire into place. It should be noted that, depending on the weave type, setting up the reed can take several days as misplacing, just one wire can compromise the integrity of the mesh.

As the loom weaves, the heddle frames drive the sets of wires up and down in alternating cycles, allowing the weft wire to be driven between the groups of wires. Once this happens, the heddle frames snap into the opposite position and lock the stainless Heddle Wire into place.