Compressor car refrigerators are similar in function to household refrigerators, but they are not as bulky as household car refrigerator with compressor. On the contrary, it is petite, easy to move, and can be placed in the trunk or seat.

But there is another kind of car refrigerator, it will hide, it is embedded car refrigerator. This type of refrigerator can be refitted, or directly embedded in the middle of the car, or directly embedded in the armrest box of the car, and then wrapped with the same outer skin as the car accessories, and it can be perfectly integrated with the car. .
Take a look at the following installation cases, are they beautiful? Is it hidden well?

This kind of installation can be said to effectively use the middle channel of the car. In this way, not only the functions of the car are increased, but the grade of the car is also improved.
Go out and refrigerate some of your favorite drinks. In the hot summer days, when you drive until your mouth is dry and want to drink cold drinks, you don't have to go to the convenience store. Just open the refrigerator and you can drink cold drinks and pick up customers when you go out. camping car freezer some drinks that customers like to drink,
After receiving customers, we will give them a cup of cold drinks to quench their thirst. The success rate of the negotiation may be higher at that time!
If you’re tired from driving, you can put your arms on the armrest box to help relieve arm fatigue. Isn’t it cool? Is it very exciting?