On September 28, Amazon's New World will be released. Players can now begin to enter the world of Aeternum. Players can join the public beta from September 9th to Buy New World Coins 12th. These new world leveling versions can help you make the most of this time.

It, like any MMO, emphasizes upgrading your character to unlock more challenging content. This content includes dungeons, invasions, and PvP battlefields. Players can get on the right track with the help of our new world hint guide. , But they will not reach the highest level. Players can refer to some ideas on the construction of new world upgrades, so that they can be upgraded more easily and quickly.

Players can use the weapon slot at the same time. Players who want the best of both worlds can achieve it by combining melee and long-range weapons.When leveling up, players can use the abilities and rewards in the skill tree of each weapon.

Thanks to its violent mode, the axe is a good choice. He can increase your damage and movement speed for players, and provide passive healing effects. The second weapon that boils down to personal preference should be a good starting point.

Players do not need to spend time between the enemies to heal, because this version will provide you with a lot of survivability. It combines the passive healing of the axe's rage mode and the healing ability of the rod of life, which also means that you don't need to spend a lot of time casting spells. After being placed, the sacred ground ability in the Wand Healing Skill Tree will be restored for a long time.

If players like to fight fast, they can pair the axe with the New World Coins bow. The speed of the axe's rage mode is increased by the passive movement reward of the bow in this version. If you are also playing New World, players can now buy New World Coins. NewWorldCoins.com is selling New World Coins at the lowest price on the market, and players can get even greater discounts.