plastic healds has now been five months since I warped my first backstrap loom.
Little did I know then that not only would fall head over heels,
but that it would awaken long neglected passions:
​ for  for balanced plain weave (27years),
for weaving with linen (23 years)

and for making my own needlepoint canvas (never actually attempted, but considered for at least 10 years).

I've only begun to learn about this way of working,
but here are a few thoughts from my limited but focused experience :
​1. It's magical to be part of my loom

2. The extreme portability has meant lots of weaving outside.

3. The simplicity of the equipment has allowed me to make things up on the spur of the moment wherever I am, and to avoid big investment while still messing around with something that might just be a fly-by-night flirtation. 

4. The excellent shadows keep me endlessly entertained

5. Working alternately on both ends of a warp was an unexpected treat

particularly when I found I could use a 
different shedding mechanism on each side:

a hand made rigid heddle on the near end

string heddles and a shed stick on the far.
 6. A bunch of other minor pleasures I won't go into right now as I don't want to bore you to tears or say too many things I might regret later when further experience brings me down to the ground.
Also,  you might want to find some of the stuff out for yourself.

But before closing,I thought I'd include some comparative thoughts on the two plastic slice heddle mechanisms I've tried.