As we all know, after many delays and numerous Alpha and Beta tests, Amazon Game Studio's MMO New World will finally be officially released on September 28. The New World Coins game studio plans to conduct a final public beta test before release. Anyone can enter the final beta version and play the game.

The public beta will run from September 9th to 12th and can be played through Steam, but players first need to apply for access to join the beta. To do this, players need to log in to their Steam account and navigate to the "New World" page on Steam. Under the various "pre-order New World" options, there will be a button that says "Join New World Public Beta Game Test". Click to request access, and Amazon will send an email to the email address associated with the player's Steam account to notify the player when the beta version is available for download.

New World Coins

New World's previous closed beta put the game on top of the Steam bestseller list, because pre-ordered games can immediately get Beta access. During the test, more than 200,000 concurrent players simultaneously explored the game's Aeternum world. It also caused some graphics cards to malfunction, but this issue has been resolved.

So far, Amazon has not achieved much success in the New World Coins Buy field of video game development, so the successful release of New World is of great significance to Amazon. Amazon's previous game, Crucible, actually re-entered the closed beta after it was officially released, and then was completely cancelled. After Crucible collapsed, the developers of the Crucible team turned to help launch New World. Originally scheduled to be released last year, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on game development, New World experienced multiple delays. Amazon used this time to add additional content to the game.

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