There are dozens of car portable fridge freezer that you can install in your van. However, before you choose one, you need to make sure you’re not getting the typical stand-up ‘college dorm’ style mini fridge. These can’t be used in moving vehicles, as they have too many small parts that quickly get dislodged, ruining the refrigerating.

Anyway, here are seven of the best mini fridges for vans.
The temperature can be adjusted to get precisely the right setting for optimal food storage with the soft-touch control panel. If you don’t need the freezer compartment, you can simply remove it.
This fridge is perfect for vans and small motorhomes. A standard or flush-mount frame is available for purchase.
Energy efficient
Quiet running
3-in-1 food storage solution
Separate storage compartment
Here is another excellent option for keeping your food cold on the go. The Dometic RM 2193 especially convenient because you can use LP gas, AC, or DC to power it.
The absorption refrigerator consistently cools, no matter what the temperature is outside. Perfect for camper vans and small campers.
Just a note, this is only a refrigerator, there isn’t a freezer.
car electronic refrigerator Pros
Available in left or right hinge
Compact size
1.9 cubic feet
3 ways to power