The YouTube Mobile Live deep link enables Android applications to initiate a YouTube live stream directly from a mobile device. An app only needs to provide an entry point, such as a button that the user can click, that starts the Mobile Live flow via the Android Intent mechanism.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

This flow shows the user experience for an app that deep links into the YouTube application, where the user lands on the Mobile Live Stream Setup screen.

First, the user configures the stream, setting the title, privacy mode, and other stream options.
Then, the user navigates to the Thumbnail Photo screen to set a thumbnail image for the stream.
Finally, the user starts the live stream and broadcasts the view from the front or rear camera.
To link into the YouTube Mobile live streaming flow, your Android app launches an Intent. The Intent initiates the live streaming process by starting an Activity in the YouTube application.

Launching the live streaming flow
Step 1: Check for support
Your client should first confirm that the Mobile Live Intent can be launched by verifying that the YouTube app is installed on the device and that the YouTube app version supports live streaming. The following code sample defines two methods to do that:
Step 2: Launch the live stream activity
To start the live streaming flow, your client app creates and launches an Intent as shown in the following code sample